Is the paint of your vehicle a bit dull? Has it lost its shine?
Then this is the perfect package for you! We polish the whole vehicle with a light polish to remove little scratches and bring the shine back.
Afterwards, we wax the paint and the rims.

This treatment is also known as ‘buffing’.
If you want to have all scratches removed, it is best to opt for the polishing package.

  • Perfect for cars in bad condition

Each car is different and requires a different approach or longer treatment duration. To have the most accurate idea of the price, it’s best to contact us. 

Appointments can be made by telephone or e-mail.

The treatment consists of the following

Foaming the vehicle to remove loose dirt

Hand washing the car with a pH-neutral car shampoo

Cleaning the door frames

Cleaning the rims and wheel housings

Cleaning the engine compartment

Decontaminating the paintwork by means of claying

1 -step polishing to bring the shine back (this does not remove deeper swirl marks or other paint damage)

Applying wax

Applying rim wax, feeding the tyres and rubbers

Finishing the paintwork with a detailing spray



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