Ozone Package



Did the previous owner leave an unpleasant cigarette or dog smell in the car? Or did you buy a used car and are you not sure where the strange smell comes from?

Then an ozone treatment is the perfect solution.

For at least 4 hours we place an ozone device in your vehicle.
The dispersed ozone particles will break down all organic dirt particles in the smallest corners, including the fungi and bacteria that have nested deep into the ventilation and air conditioning ducts.

In short, after an ozone treatment, the interior will not only smell fresher but also be more hygienic and healthier.

  • As from € 75 (incl. VAT)


  • Can be combined with the interior package (+ € 60 incl. VAT)

The treatment consists of the following

Removal of loose carpets

Thorough vacuuming

Placement of ozone generator for a 4 to 12-hour treatment

Replacement of loose carpets



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